WordPress Plugin Development

If you are the owner of a WordPress website you may already know there are literally thousands upon thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository.

Even with the multitude of WordPress plugins that already exist, sometimes you may find you need to have a new WordPress plugin developed from scratch that doesn’t already exist.  Or in other cases, there may be a plugin that does exist, but you would like modifications to it.

Modifying an existing WordPress plugin to fit your needs is a bad idea.  If you’ve used WordPress for any length of time you have undoubtedly seen the amount of updates that can come.  If you modify an existing WordPress plugin and then apply an update to it, the update will overwrite the entire plugin and you’ll lose any customizations that were done.

The ideal solution is to have a custom WordPress plugin developed for you.

At Rehatched Media we’ve made countless WordPress plugins that were made for our clients exclusive use and others that have been released publicly on the WordPress plugin repository.

When we code our plugins, we ensure that we code to WordPress standards.  This helps provide the maximum amount of compatibility without you ever having to worry about the plugin breaking or running into issues with other plugins you may have already installed.

If you’re in the market to have a WordPress plugin developed for you, feel free to contact us!