WordPress Theme Development

From design to development, we can do it all! One of our specialties at Rehatched Media is WordPress theme development.  If you have taken a glimpse at our portfolio, you’ll see that over time and time again, many of our clients come to us to have a WordPress theme, professionally developed.

Developing a WordPress theme isn’t as easy as some might lead you to believe.  The base of a good WordPress theme starts with HTML/CSS.  From there we make use of WordPress’ file structure and divide up our code into the required files such as header, footer, and functions, etc.

We make use of all of WordPress’ functions to allow for the highest level of compatibility with other plugins and versions of WordPress.  We NEVER modify any of the core files of WordPress. All of our code is contained within the theme.  Modifying the core of WordPress is a horrible idea for one big reason. As soon as you update WordPress, all of the modifications will be lost and your theme will stop working like it has been.

We go even farther and make use of Custom Post Types, custom meta and admin panel options if your theme needs it.  Often times our client’s WordPress theme will need to have extra functionality developed for them.  Custom Post Types for example allow us to expand the default functionality of a WordPress post and include other needed items, such as a price, name, URL, etc and have all that extra info contained within the WordPress editor.  This way using your newly developed WordPress theme is just as easy as using WordPress itself without having to wade around different menu items and add content to your site that way.

Depending on how much control you need over your theme, we can add a custom theme options admin panel to your site.  Typically this is an area used to control information that globally affects your site and not just merely content.

Whatever your needs are for having a WordPress theme developed, we can help!  Feel free to contact us and let us develop a one of a kind WordPress theme for you!